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Ronnie "RONDO" Rodriguez Scholarship Award

"Courage, Bravery, & Dedication"

The Ronnie “RONDO” Rodriguez Scholarship Award is a special recognition award created in Memorial Honor of a man that exemplified Integrity, Generosity, Guidance and Commitment. He was an admirable man, son, brother, father, coach, athlete and role model to the community. 


The recipient(s) of this award will demonstrate perseverance through adversity. They will represent a giving spirit and humbleness to appreciate the strength it takes to continue moving forward despite  difficulty. This person will recognize that leadership comes with the willingness to teach as well as work side-by-side with your team. 

Request 501(c)(3) or 1023

Operation IMPACT is a FACE OF ILLNESS CO-OP Project

In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for The Face of Illness Co-Op, transparency is a staple in our charitable mission. The general public is welcome to request verification of the documents related to the non-profit status and organizational status of the corporation. Upon request a copy of the the documents can be emailed to you within seven (7) days of receipt. This allotment of time takes into consideration weekends, holidays and anticipated travel.