Las Vegas, NV - Los Angeles, CA -  Phoenix, AZ - Santa Fe, NM San Francisco, CA - San Diego, CA - Chicago, IL - Atlanta, GA

These are some of the locations that we are planning to set our sites on for Operation IMPACT. Each of these destinations are hometowns to Speakers and Sponsors that have become an integral part in their community and welcome the opportunity to take the lead as a representative for the tour in their city. 

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Las Vegas based Professional Consultant and Global Impact Strategist. Owns and operates The Face of Illness Co-op 501c3, The Psych Series and the complimentary programs, courses, podcasts, books and tours associated within the brand. Recognized through awards as an International Advocate, Representative for Veterans, an Olympia Award for Community Health and Wellness dedication to service, two (2) Congressional Recognition Awards for Community Health and Wellness, a Senate Award for Community Health and Wellness and a California Legislative Award for Volunteer Service.

Cheri Sotelo - Founder and Creator of Operation IMPACT

Owner/Operator of RhetoriqX in New York. Natasha services high-end clients as a Creative Director across the country. As an Entrepreneur and an established corporate executive, her experience is a priceless addition for quality services.

Natasha Samuda - National Marketing  and Brand Management

Owner/Operator of She is Worthy, 501c3 and House of Restoration. Mz. England is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Mentor. Her successful history as a non-profit owner and recent proclamation by the city of San Diego recognizes her ability to provide premier Quality Assurance for Operation IMPACT.

LaVada England - San Diego, CA Management

Speaker, Author and Mentor across the country. Featured on countless stages and highlighted for being the ONLY Two time double lung transplant stone mason. If he can't handle management, I don't know who else could! He is simply amazing. 

Mark Rodriguez - Santa Fe, NM Management