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“Operation IMPACT” started as a collaborative, 1-day  Speaker Summit and Training Event, 

aimed at simultaneously providing high-value content while giving back to the community through training and education scholarships.




Operation IMPACT is not just an event; it’s a transformative initiative aiming to revolutionize growth strategies, community development, health and wellness advocacy. This event is a unique blend of high-value speaker sessions, training modules, and networking opportunities, with the noble objective of giving back to the community through education and scholarships. 


The scholarship program is funded through a nonprofit initiative and stipulates that participation extends for a period of 12-months. The goal of the scholarship is to provide training and education within a community and accurately document the changes that occur over the course of one calendar year.


By removing barriers to high value training seminars that increase skillsets, training and education, it is the hopes of the FACE OF ILLNESS CO-OP, that these scholarships will create a shift that will be notable in the following ways: promotions in the workforce, entrepreneurship, wage increases, decreased stress levels, increased community business patronage/spending, and create more dynamic family interactions based on the shift in overall Mental Health (defined as: Psychological well-being, Social well-being, and Emotional well-being). 


Each tour event is eligible to host the prestigious


Find out how your dedication and service to others can be honored.


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We anticipate a diverse audience of 200 paid attendees and 20 scholarship recipients in each city, encompassing professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts in the fields of Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Education, Empowerment, Non-Profit, Health and Wellness.

Uplifting Communities & Developing Business and Personal Growth through Dynamic Speakers and Hands-On Training


Founded in 2023, a unique need was presented to Cheri Sotelo, the creator of Operation IMPACT. She overheard a request to have a place for dynamic speakers to deliver their messages and be able to teach a diverse group of people that were aspiring to either become speakers, authors, business owners or enhance their, perhaps, outdated skills. 


Cheri has an almost 30 year history as a community advocate and has recently received another award and Congressional recognition for her work in Community Health and Wellness. As a business consultant and corporate trainer, Cheri was able to design a multi-city tour to meet the needs of the communities and the speakers that had a strong desire to give back in a way that they may not have been able to do without the format of a 501c3 hosted Speakers Summit and Training event. 


For each speaker that stated their concern with wanting to be able to do more for their community, their home city was added as part of the tour locations. This has allowed the design of the tour to have a point of contact to be readily available and truly fulfill the mission of Operation IMPACT.


By Spring 2024, The Operation IMPACT Tour has established itself as a movement. The team at Operation IMPACT travels to where the need is across the United States and around the globe. This expansion is allowing us to make an impact in communities exponentially.



It is with great honor and responsibility that I am able to present The Presidential Volunteer Service Award to dedicated volunteers across the country.

Cheri Sotelo

Operation IMPACT Tour Features

Each tour city will feature Speakers, an Expert Panel, Vendors, Advertising, Media Coverage, Sponsorship Opportunities, Scholarships and Donation Stations.

The tour season will end with an Awards Ceremony and Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In honor of those who have served, we will have a grand finale, a Veterans Ball will commence in November.

All remaining funds and sponsorships gathered from the tour will be distributed at the end of each fiscal year.

Do you have expertise to share?

Become one of our esteemed speakers.

Each location will feature:

40-minute Speaker Presentations

30-minute Speaker Presentations

15-minute Speaker Spotlights

30-minute Expert Panel

Would you or your company like to be  a featured sponsor?

Sponsorships and Donations are Available.

All levels of sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. Operation IMPACT is hosted by

Face of Illness Co-op 501 (c)(3)

EIN 92-3966987.

Do you have a product that not only helps elevate professionals but also deserves community recognition?

Vendor booths and advertising in both digital and printed media is available for all tour locations.

Applications are required to limit duplicate type products in the same location. Apply early to secure your location. 

Who We Are at Operation IMPACT:

1. Thought Leaders:

  • Operation IMPACT is driven by thought leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields.
  • Speakers are recognized for their innovative thinking and contributions to their respective industries.

2. Mentors:

  • Every person involved in Operation IMPACT serves as a mentor, actively engaging with the community to provide guidance and support.
  • Speakers act as mentors, sharing their experiences and insights to inspire and empower attendees.

3. Entrepreneurs:

  • The collective force behind Operation IMPACT includes entrepreneurs who have demonstrated success in business and have a passion for community development.
  • Speakers, many of whom are entrepreneurs, contribute not only financially but also share entrepreneurial wisdom and strategies.

4. Difference Makers:

  • Operation IMPACT is a collaboration of individuals who are committed to making a positive difference in communities.
  • Speakers are not just participants; they are actively involved in creating change by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

5. Commitment to Community:

  • Every person involved in Operation IMPACT has made a commitment to the community, banding together to create a unique speaker and training summit.
  • This commitment goes beyond the event, aiming to leave a lasting impact on the cities around the country.

6. Diverse Speaker Backgrounds:

  • Speakers represent diverse backgrounds, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, professional coaches, authors, and motivational speakers.
  • The diversity of speakers ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience for the community.

7. Financial Contributors:

  • Each speaker has paid to participate in the event, contributing financially to fund part of the venue location cost.
  • Operation IMPACT emphasizes a collaborative funding model, where speakers play an integral role in supporting the initiative.

8. Volunteer Spirit:

  • Speakers and contributors understand the value of giving back and volunteer additional time to provide training sessions with scholarship recipients.
  • This voluntary commitment showcases a spirit of generosity and a genuine desire to contribute to the growth of others.

9. No Compensated Speakers or Vendors:

  • Operation IMPACT operates on a model where neither speakers nor vendors are compensated for their participation.
  • This commitment ensures that the focus remains on the community and the shared goal of fostering growth and prosperity.


10. Legacy Builders:

  • Collectively, Operation IMPACT aims to leave a legacy by teaching future generations that success is achieved through collaborative efforts.
  • The emphasis is on education, training, genuine care, and compassion as the pillars for building a strong foundation for future success.

11. Genuine Care and Compassion:

  • Operation IMPACT's ethos is rooted in genuine care and compassion for the well-being of the community.
  • Speakers and contributors are driven by a shared belief in the transformative power of education, mentorship, and collaborative efforts.

How Communities Will Benefit from Operation IMPACT:

1. Enhanced Economic Opportunities:

  • Training and education scholarships empower individuals, potentially leading to improved employment prospects and economic self-sufficiency.
  • Business recognition through sponsorships contributes to community growth, attracting potential investors and fostering economic development.

2. Community Empowerment and Social Cohesion:

  • Access to high-profile speakers and diverse organizations fosters a sense of empowerment and unity within the community.
  • Networking opportunities during the event and optional mixers promote social connections, enhancing community cohesion.

3. Educational Enrichment:

  • Valuable knowledge dissemination through speaker presentations enhances the intellectual well-being of community members.
  • Scholarship opportunities provide access to education and additional training, fostering continuous learning and skill development.

4. Occupational Growth and Collaboration:

  • Networking sessions and vendor participation create opportunities for collaboration, potentially leading to occupational growth for local businesses and professionals.
  • Exposure to diverse speakers and organizations opens doors for community members to explore new career paths and opportunities.

5. Physical and Environmental Well-being:

  • Scheduled breaks during the event support physical well-being, allowing attendees to recharge and maintain focus.
  • Sustainable venue choices and environmental considerations in event planning contribute to the overall wellness of both individuals and the community.

6. Emotional Resilience and Inspiration:

  • Inspirational speaker presentations nurture emotional well-being, providing motivation and encouragement to community members.
  • Support for vulnerable populations, a hallmark of Operation IMPACT, contributes to the emotional resilience of marginalized individuals.

7. Financial Accessibility to Education:

  • Scholarship contributions reduce financial barriers, ensuring that individuals with economic challenges have equal access to education and training opportunities.

8. Positive Impact on Marginalized Groups:

  • A structured scholarship program ensures equal representation by reviewing applications from veterans, women, transitional age young adults, and full-time college students.
  • Operation IMPACT's commitment to supporting vulnerable populations further addresses disparities and promotes inclusivity within the community.

9. Community Pride and Recognition:

  • Hosting notable events like Operation IMPACT enhances the community's reputation, instilling a sense of pride among residents.
  • Acknowledgment of sponsors and speakers in media and promotional materials elevates the community's profile, fostering a positive image.

10. Long-Term Positive Change:

  • Operation IMPACT's mission to generate year-round funding sources aims for sustained positive change within the community.
  • The collaborative nature of the event sets the stage for continued initiatives and partnerships, ensuring a lasting impact on community wellness.

Why Sponsorship Matters for Operation IMPACT:

1. Community Investment:

  • Sponsorship reflects a tangible commitment to investing in the well-being and prosperity of the local community.
  • It demonstrates corporate social responsibility by actively contributing to positive community initiatives.

2. Brand Visibility and Recognition:

  • Sponsors receive prominent visibility through event branding, contributing to increased brand recognition within the community.
  • Media exposure, including press releases and digital media tours, provides an extensive platform for showcasing sponsors.

3. Positive Public Relations:

  • Sponsoring Operation IMPACT aligns businesses with a socially impactful and community-driven event, enhancing their public image.
  • Positive public relations result from association with a First-Of-Its-Kind summit dedicated to community empowerment.

4. Networking Opportunities:

  • Sponsors gain exclusive access to networking opportunities during the event, connecting with influential speakers, vendors, and community leaders.
  • Collaborative initiatives fostered through sponsorship can lead to valuable business relationships and partnerships.

5. Employee Engagement and Morale:

  • Supporting a community-focused event enhances employee morale by showcasing the company's commitment to social causes.
  • Employee engagement can be amplified through volunteer opportunities or involvement in event activities.

6. Demonstrated Corporate Values:

  • Sponsorship allows businesses to align their brand with the values of Operation IMPACT, emphasizing a commitment to education, community empowerment, and inclusivity.
  • It provides a platform to showcase a company's dedication to making a positive impact beyond its core operations.

7. Reach Target Demographics:

  • Operation IMPACT's diverse audience provides sponsors with an opportunity to reach specific target demographics based on the event's theme and focus.
  • Exposure to a broad audience, including veterans, young adults, and community leaders, enhances the relevance of sponsor messages.

8. Market Differentiation:

  • Sponsoring a unique and innovative event like Operation IMPACT differentiates businesses from competitors in the market.
  • It positions sponsors as leaders in supporting community-driven initiatives, creating a distinct market presence.

9. Association with Influential Figures:

  • Sponsors gain association with high-profile speakers, influencers, and organizations participating in Operation IMPACT.
  • This association elevates sponsors' credibility and reinforces their standing within the community.

10. Contribution to Educational Opportunities:

  • Sponsorship directly contributes to the provision of training and education scholarships, making a tangible impact on individual lives and community development.
  • It aligns with corporate goals of investing in education and skill development for the broader benefit of society.

11. Legacy of Positive Change:

  • Sponsoring Operation IMPACT allows businesses to contribute to a lasting legacy of positive change within the community.
  • It positions sponsors as catalysts for sustainable community development through continuous support of initiatives like this speaker summit.

What's Included in Operation IMPACT Scholarships:

1. Event Access:

  • Full access to the 1-day Speaker Summit and Training Event, featuring presentations by high-profile speakers and organizations.
  • Inclusion in all scheduled activities, including welcome messages, speaker presentations, and panel discussions.

2. Lunch & Learn Session:

  • Exclusive participation in a special "Lunch & Learn" session with select speakers during the event.
  • Provides an opportunity for in-depth engagement with speakers, fostering mentorship and knowledge exchange.

3. Additional Training Session:

  • An extra training session from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, focusing on skills development, resume reviews, business models, interview techniques, entrepreneurship, and accessing community resources.
  • Tailored content to enhance the scholarship recipients' personal and professional development.

4. Access to Networking Mixer:

  • Optional attendance at the Networking Mixer from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, offering networking opportunities with speakers, sponsors, and fellow community members.
  • A relaxed environment for social interactions and potential collaborations.

5. Online Course Donation:

  • A complimentary online course donated by The Psych Series, valued at $1500, provided to all scholarship recipients.
  • The course aims to further the recipients' personal and professional development, aligning with the educational dimension of wellness.

6. Skills Development:

  • Specialized sessions during the additional training and Lunch & Learn sessions focusing on skills development relevant to the recipients' career goals.
  • Practical guidance on enhancing skills such as communication, leadership, and professional conduct.

7. Resume Reviews:

  • Personalized resume reviews conducted during the training sessions to assist scholarship recipients in refining their professional profiles.
  • Guidance on creating impactful resumes tailored to their individual career aspirations.

8. Business Models and Entrepreneurship:

  • Insights into business models and entrepreneurship shared during the additional training session.
  • Practical advice on starting and managing businesses, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among scholarship recipients.

9. Community Resource Access:

  • Information and access to local community resources provided during the training sessions.
  • Guidance on utilizing available resources to support personal and professional growth within the community.

10. Equal Opportunity Criteria:

  • Scholarships awarded based on meeting a minimum criterion, ensuring equal representation of veterans, women, transitional age young adults (21-28), and full-time college students.
  • A formal application process requiring demographic information, verification of minimum criterion, and a written statement from each applicant.

11. Voluntary Speaker Participation:

  • Voluntary participation of speakers in training sessions with scholarship recipients, offering mentorship and sharing their expertise.
  • Speakers contribute to the recipients' development without financial compensation, emphasizing the collaborative and supportive nature of Operation IMPACT.

12. Media Waiver for Participation:

  • All scholarship recipients must sign a media waiver for participation, allowing for the documentation and sharing of their experiences.
  • Ensures transparency and compliance with media-related activities during the event.

I may just be one person, 

but I don't have to be the only person. 

We can change the world together.

Lion Cheri Sotelo